Photo shows some Thai nationals who were released by Hamas recently.,

17 Thais released by Hamas to land at Suvarnabhumi this afternoon

The first group of 17 Thai hostages, released from Gaza by Hamas in last few days, are due back in Thailand this afternoon. The group will not, however, include the…

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Thai death toll in Israel rises to 21 as first 15 evacuees land in Bangkok

One more Thai national is reported to have been killed in Israel by Hamas, bringing the death toll to 21 as the government considers evacuating Thais overland to Jordan, as…

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First group of 15 Thais to arrive in Bangkok from Israel on Thursday

The first group of 15 Thais will leave Israel on a commercial fight for Thailand this Wednesday and are scheduled to arrive in Bangkok the following day, Deputy Foreign Minister…

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(Photo by the Airports of Thailand)

Airport baggage inspector suspended after animals allowed on flight

An employee of a private security company has been suspended from duty by Suvarnabhumi airport management after he failed to check the baggage of two foreign passengers, which was later…

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State welfare card holders to have more choices for public transport

Thailand’s state welfare card holders will soon be able to use the 750 baht/month travelling subsidy, provided by the government, to travel by boat, “song thaew” and other transport services…

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Immigration officers transferred after providing VIP escort to Chinese star

The Immigration Police Bureau has ordered the transfers of nine immigration officers from Suvarnabhumi Airport, after they were seen in viral video clips escorting Chinese superstar Jackson Wang. The transfers…

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Woman arrested with 2.3kg of cocaine in her backpack at Bangkok airport

A Thai woman was arrested at Suvarnabhumi international airport on Wednesday as she tried to smuggle about 2.3kg of cocaine, worth about 6.9 million baht on the street, into the…

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AOT to extend automated check-in at Suvarnabhumi airport from June 1st

Starting June 1st, air passengers can check in with their luggage using automated check-in services up to five hours in advance of their departure time, instead of three hours, in…

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Police fast-track scandal prompts question: Can everything be bought in Thailand?

Countless numbers of Thais have flown in and out of Thailand over the years, but few have paid much attention to fast-track services at airports. That changed last week when…

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Baggage reclaim service provider at Suvarnabhumi airport faces ultimatum

The company contracted to handle passenger baggage at Suvarnabhumi airport will be replaced if it does not improve the baggage reclaim service, which is currently causing delays for passengers. Transport…

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Air passengers advised to allow more time for their travel to airports

Passengers intending to take domestic or international flights out of Bangkok are being advised to allow 3 hours before boarding time for travel to Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang airports. The…

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Free car parking at Suvarnabhumi airport from November 15th to 21st

During the APEC summit, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport will allow motorists to park their cars in the Zone C parking lot free of charge, from November 15th to 21st. Special holidays…

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Is India becoming a new market for trafficked animal species from Thailand?

India has recently emerged as a potential market for several CITES-listed animal species being smuggled out of Thailand, with the interdiction of more than six trafficking cases in the past…

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International arrivals in Thailand increase after restriction easing

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport saw a large increase in international arrivals yesterday (Sunday), as those travelling to the country no longer need a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test before their departure. The…

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Air travellers can take more than 30 face masks on overseas flights

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport has explained that there is actually no limit on the number of face masks passengers may carry on board overseas flights. In a statement posted on its…

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Air travellers warned not to bring more than 30 face masks on board overseas flights

Thais and foreigners travelling abroad have been advised not to take more than 30 face masks with them, because they are a controlled product in Thailand and violators can face…

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Six travellers found infected with COVID-19 since Thailand reopens on Monday

Six travellers, of the 4,510 who have arrived in Thailand since the reopening of the kingdom to international travellers on Monday (November 1st), have been found to be infected with…

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Thailand’s main airport runs tests ahead of country’s reopening on Monday

Suvarnabhumi international airport conducted drills today (Wednesday) to test its readiness to cope with the arrival of foreign tourists on November 1st, when Thailand reopens its borders to arrivals by…

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Phuket “sandbox” model adapted for Bangkok’s international airports

Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi and Don Muaeng international airports have adapted Phuket’s “sandbox’ model in the management and processing of arriving foreign tourists. Disembarkation to leaving the airports will take roughly 25…

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5,000 bed field hospital to be set up at Suvarnabhumi Airport

A 5,000 bed field hospital is to be set up in the compound of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport and is expected to become operational in August. The new facility is…

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COVID-19 strands 3 Nigerians at Suvarnabhumi airport for 2 months

Like a rerun of “The Terminal”, a 2004 American comedy-drama film starring Tom Hanks based on the true story of an Iranian refugee stuck at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport…

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