A general view of the Chao Phraya river (Photo by Mladen ANTONOV / AFP)

Tap water in Bangkok, 2 other provinces, turns brackish, but still safe

Households in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan have been warned that their tap water may occasionally taste brackish, due to the high content of sodium chloride, but that it is…

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People in Bangkok and suburbs warned not to drink tap water due to high salinity

Residents of Bangkok and its suburbs have been warned not to drink tap water due to the high salt content, caused by seawater reaching upstream of the source of tap…

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Urgent meeting on Monday over seawater intrusion into Chao Phraya River

The Office of National Water Resources will hold an urgent meeting on Monday, with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) and related agencies, to address the intrusion of seawater into the…

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Irrigation and waterworks authority flushing seawater out of Chao Phraya River

The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) and the Royal Irrigation Department (RID) have jointly employed a technique, called “water hammer”, to flush seawater out of the Chao Phraya River in their…

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