Charter court asked to rule on House committee powers to summon people for questioning

The Constitutional Court has been asked to rule whether House or Senate standing committees have the authority to formally summon a person for questioning or to demand documents in the…

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Ombudsmen to seek Constitutional Court ruling on PM’s oath issue

The Ombudsmen decided unanimously today (Tuesday) to ask the Constitutional Court to rule whether Prime Minister’s incomplete recital of the oath during the swearing-in ceremony on July 16th is unconstitutional….

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Charter court to decide on legitimacy of senator selection committee  

The Constitutional Court is expected to decide tomorrow whether to accept the ombudsman’s petition challenging the constitutionality of the committee tasked withselecting senators. The petition, which was submitted to the Office of the Constitutional Court on May 3rd, was in response to…

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Ombudsmen refuse to consider constitutionality of March-24 election

The ombudsmen have rejected the request from a former candidate of the disbanded Thai Raksa Chart party to consider the constitutionality of the March 24th general election. Mr. Raksakecha Chaechai, secretary-general…

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