Thieves caught in the act of capturing monkeys in Lop Buri

Three people, suspected of being members of a wildlife trafficking gang, were found to have used tranquiliser darts to capture over 10 macaque monkeys in Thailand’s Lop Buri province. An…

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47 smuggled monkeys intercepted on their way to China via Laos

Thai wildlife officials and police intercepted a shipment of 47 macaque monkeys on a pickup truck this morning (Monday), at a checkpoint on Friendship highway in Non Sung district of…

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Two monkey catchers caught with nine primates and hunting gear

Wildlife officials and police in Thailand arrested two men yesterday (Thursday) while they were hunting for macaque monkeys on Khao Nor Mountain in Banphot Phisai district of Nakhon Sawan province….

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Hundreds of macaque monkeys disappear from temple in Loei

An investigation is under way in Wang Saphung district of Thailand’s north-eastern province of Loei, in an effort to explain the mysterious disappearance of hundreds of macaque monkeys from a…

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Blood from monkeys on Chang Island being tested for monkey malaria

Officials from Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation and the Department of Livestock Development have been sent to Chang Island in Trat province to collect blood samples…

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Increased Malaria risk if raising monkeys or venturing into forests in Thailand

The Disease Control Department has issued a warning to people raising monkeys or living on the fringes of forests of an increased risk of contracting Plasmodium Knowlesi Malaria, the most…

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Monkeys wreaking havoc in Thailand’s Lopburi

A team of veterinarians and officials from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation are discussing ways to deal with the rapid increase in the monkey population in…

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Thailand to start human trials of anti-COVID-19 vaccine in October

Thailand will conduct the first human trials of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate in October this year, after trials on monkeys produced satisfactory results, with high level of immunity being detected…

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PETA accused of cultural racism and double-standards

US-based animal rights protection group PETA has been accused of double standards and cultural racism after it claimed that the use of monkeys in harvesting coconuts in Thailand is cruel,…

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Thai officials to meet coconut product manufacturers over UK ban

Thailand’s Foreign Trade Department officials will meet with representatives of coconut product manufacturers, at the Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday, to discuss the impacts of a ban on their products…

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Foreign diplomats invited to see coconuts being picked by monkeys

The Thai Commerce Ministry will invite members of the foreign diplomatic corps to observe the harvesting of coconuts by pigtailed macaque monkeys, in an effort to prove that the process…

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UK supermarkets may ban Thai coconut products over use of monkeys

The Thai Animals Protection Association has urged the Commerce and Agriculture ministries to issue a clarification to British retailers quickly about the use of pigtailed macaques in the harvesting of…

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PM declines to talk about departure of one small party from the governing coalition

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha this morning (Wednesday) covered one of his ears with his hand as he pretended not to hear a reporter’s question about the announcement yesterday that the…

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