HIV reduction campaign targets Thai youth

Many people, especially youth, perceive the use of condom as hindering the enjoyment of sex, despite the variety available, from extra slim to scented and fancy surfaces. Therefore, HIV infection…

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Thai Health Ministry dealing with potential spread of respiratory illness from China

The Thai Ministry of Public Health has adopted four precautionary measures to cope with a respiratory illness which is now spreading among children in northern China. Several experts in infectious…

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More doctor and nurse positions to be created in state hospitals

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and the Civil Service Commission (CSC) have agreed that about 35,000 positions for doctors and 140,000 positions for nurses will be created in the next…

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Eating too much sodium blamed for high rate of kidney disease in Thailand

About 17.6% of the Thai population, or eight million people, are suffering from chronic kidney disease, of which 200,000 are in the final stages. These figures are increasing by an…

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Thai Health minister says no to 4am pub closing, except in tourist areas

The Ministry of Public Health is against a proposal to allow pubs to stay open until 4am (instead of 2am) as a matter of principle for public welfare and safety,…

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Centres opening to cope with PM2.5 pollution as more people fall sick

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has instructed all provinces to prepare to open operations centres if the level of PM2.5 dust in the atmosphere exceeds 50 microns for three consecutive…

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Thailand now monitoring all arrivals from Africa to prevent spread of Ebola

The Thai Ministry of Public Health has stepped up its monitoring of arrivals from African countries, especially Uganda, following an outbreak of Ebola in that country in September, said Dr….

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Abortion legal in Thailand up to 20th week of pregnancy from October 26th

A woman in Thailand who is no more than 20-weeks into her pregnancy will be able to seek a legal abortion, with prior consultation from a medical practitioner, to be…

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While cannabis is no longer listed as an illicit drug under the Narcotics Code, secondary laws and regulations have yet to be amended to reflect its new status. (Photo by Mladen ANTONOV / AFP)

Growers get ready: confusion over cannabis legalisation is about to clear

Despite cannabis being removed from the Narcotics Code last year, there is still confusion over its legal status given that growers and users continue being arrested for cannabis offenses. Here’s…

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A step closer to decriminalisation of cannabis and hemp in Thailand

The Narcotics Control Committee agreed today (Thursday) to decriminalise the use of all parts of and extracts from cannabis and hemp in Thailand by removing the plants from the Category…

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Thailand unveils plans to cope with Omicron COVID variant outbreak

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has unveiled plans to cope with a potential outbreak of the COVID-19 Omicron variant next year, including the reactivation of the home isolation program, as…

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People wait for 30 minutes to monitor for possible side effects after receiving a dose of the AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine from a “Mobile Vaccination Unit” set up inside a bus in Bangkok on September 8, 2021. Jack TAYLOR / AFP

Thai Rural Doctors Society claims COVID-19 infections are rising, not falling

The Rural Doctors Society (RDS) has warned Thai people not to lower their guard, noting that COVID-19 infections in Thailand are not declining, as widely misunderstood. On the contrary, are…

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Busarakam field hospital officially closed after last patients discharged

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has announced that the Busarakam field hospital officially closed on September 20th after treating 20,436 COVID-19 patients over the past 130 days, ending a small,…

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A million doses of vaccines to be administered on Mahidol Day (Sep 24th)

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health plans to administer at least one million doses of vaccines on Mahidol Day (September 24th) to commemorate the late HRH Prince Mahidol of Songkhla, father…

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File photo / AFP

Thailand to procure 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines next year

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has announced plans to procure 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines next year, to prepare for more mutations of the deadly virus. Deputy Health Minister,…

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Thailand wants to limit export of locally-produced AstraZeneca vaccine

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is to go ahead with a temporary restriction on the export of locally-produced AstraZeneca vaccine, to ensure sufficient supply for domestic use, in the wake…

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Photo Courtesy of iLaw

Protester arrested after demanding mRNA vaccines, two including police officer injured

One protest leader was arrested, while another and a police officer were injured in a scuffle between anti-government protesters and police in front of Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health late…

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Fah Talai Jone herb formally approved for use in Thailand in treatment of mild COVID-19 symptoms

The Thai Ministry of Public Health has approved the use of Fah Talai Jone (andrographis paniculata), a Thai traditional herbal medicine, in the treatment of mild symptoms of COVID-19 infection….

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