Earth Agenda Foundation together with Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science, the Department of Marine and Costal Resources and SCG use 3D printing to create an artificial coral reef structure. Following its placement on the sea floor of the Gulf of Thailand in 2020, a variety of marine species have been seen on this complex, stable and durable underwater house. A broken piece of coral can grow on the 3D printed artificial coral reef over a period of time. (Photo courtesy of Earth Agenda Foundation)

Innovative technology can help protect coral reefs and you can too  

The brightly colored coral reefs teeming with marine life are far more than just a magnificent sight. The natural undersea attractions that beckon snorkelers and divers also create recreational and…

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Scientist fears impact to marine lives from Pa Buk

Besides damages inflicted on properties, live stocks and farmlands by tropical storm Pa Buk, the storm is likely to have caused extensive damages to marine lives, coral reefs and marine…

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