Most long Covid symptoms clear up in a year for mild cases: study

Most symptoms from long Covid clear up within a year for people who had mild initial infections, a large Israel study said Thursday, with the findings welcomed as “reassuring”. At least 17 million people in Europe suffered from long Covid symptoms months after recovering from their initial…

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Probiotics and prebiotic foods are recommended to help support the immune system. (Photo by Nirzar Pangarkar)

Long COVID: what to expect, what to eat and what to avoid

Life in Thailand may seem to have returned to normal, but the coronavirus that has plagued the world for the best part of three years is still making its presence…

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Data collected from 352 COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital from September 2021 show that 82 percent had at least one long-COVID symptom. (Photo by Fusion Medical Animation)

Long COVID clinics mushroom in Thailand as survivors tackle after-effects

With more than 4 million COVID-19 infections recorded in Thailand since early 2020, it is no surprise that long-COVID support groups are popping up all around the country.   Meanwhile, the…

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Bangkok to open nine Long COVID clinics

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will open clinics at its nine hospitals to treat patients suffering from Long COVID, starting next Monday. Permanent Secretary of the BMA, Khachit Chatchavanich, said…

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Photo: The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

People advised to be aware of Long COVID’s effects on mental health

A senior doctor at Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University said, today (Friday), that the coronavirus should not be considered as being similar to the common cold or influenza, due to its potentially…

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(Photo by Viktor Forgacs)

Concerns raised over Omicron variant’s long term physical and mental effects

The main concerns surrounding the rapid transmissibility of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, which accounted for 97.2% of samplings of infections last week, are not hospitalisation or mortality rates, but the…

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Respiratory side effects on top of Long COVID symptoms, new Thai study finds

Symptoms associated with the respiratory system such as panting and chronic cough represent 44.38% of the long-term side effects among people infected with COVID-19, according to a study conducted by…

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Senior Thai doctor says COVID-19 could lead to long-term side effects

A senior doctor at the Faculty of Medicine of Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University has advised that it is better to protect oneself from COVID-19 infection due to the possible long-term side…

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COVID-19 leading many Thais into stress, depression, burnout or suicidal thoughts

Many Thai people are suffering from stress, depression, burnout or are at risk of committing suicide as a result of the two-year long COVID-19 pandemic. Director-general of the Department of…

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Official survey underway among people who have recovered from COVID-19

Thailand’s Medical Sciences Department has set up a survey to collect information from those who have recovered from COVID-19, to see if there are any long-term effects on people’s health….

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