Thailand’s new liquor regulation: Small brewers’ delight or business as usual?

Although the government has issued a new regulation promising to liberalize Thailand’s alcohol sector, critics see little hope of small brewers breaking the market domination of a few giant producers….

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Government’s new liquor production edict only benefiting brew pubs

Pubs which brew their own craft beers will benefit the most from the government’s new edict on alcoholic beverages and their number is expected to increase, while small investors who…

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Thai parliament derails Move Forward Party’s Progressive Liquor Bill

The Move Forward Party’s Progressive Liquor Bill was derailed today (Wednesday), when the House of Representatives twice voted against it twice, first by 177:174 votes and then by 196:194 votes….

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Taopiphop Limjittrakorn: The home brewer turned MP shaking up Thailand’s liquor industry

A young man’s passion for craft beer has taken him to heights most Thais can only dream of – a seat in Parliament where he is now fighting to break…

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Critics have complained for years that the Thai liquor market is monopolized by a handful of giant producers because Thai laws favor big investors. (Photo by YesMore Content on Unsplash)

Will new bill finally pop the cap on Thailand’s booze oligopoly?

Widely dubbed the “Progressive Liquor Bill”, a new draft law on excise tax is tipped to revolutionize Thailand’s alcohol industry if it sails through Parliament untouched. Thailand’s booze market is…

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