Thailand’s exploited, vulnerable sex workers could soon be protected by law

Many thousands of Thais have worked in the sex industry for decades without legal protection. So it’s not surprising that most of them are looking forward eagerly to the passage…

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Though damages can be claimed by women who are dumped at the altar, there is a catch. Under Thai law, jilted brides can only seek financial remedy if they were engaged to the man. (Photo by Soroush Karimi)

Jilted at the altar? How Thai law treats abandoned grooms and brides 

Women are said to be happiest and most beautiful on their wedding day, with the love of their life by their side. However, many brides are left shocked and in…

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Will Thailand’s new chemical castration penalty stop sexual reoffenders?

Thailand is poised to pass a law that allows the chemical castration of sex criminals in a bid to stop them from reoffending. The “Violence-Related Reoffending Prevention Bill” was proposed…

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How amended election-related laws will reshape Thailand’s political landscape

Ten draft bills to amend election laws will be deliberated by Parliament this Thursday and Friday (Feb 24-25) – but most are expected to hit obstacles. The bills are designed…

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