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Kong Salak Plus CEO faces summons in Phang-nga

Thap Put district police, in Thailand’s southern province of Phang-nga, have issued a summons requiring Kong Salak Plus CEO Panthawat Nakvisut to report on February 15th to acknowledge a charge…

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Kong Salak Plus online lottery customers can get printed lottery tickets to claim prizes

Customers who bought online lottery tickets from Kong Salak Plus online lottery platform can receive real printed versions from Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officials stationed at the online lottery…

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Panthawat Nakwisut: Accused lottery tycoon makes big political gamble

The CEO of online lottery platform Kong Salak Plus, Panthawat “Not” Nakwisut, appears to have his own style of working. At a time when most people would have shifted into…

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Officials raid Kong Salak Plus online lottery offices on Monday

Police and officials from various agencies raided the office of Kong Salak Plus Company today (Monday), searching for additional evidence against the online lottery platform, which sells government lottery tickets….

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How fake jackpot claims exposed dark side of Thailand’s online lottery

While Thai digital lottery platforms continue to operate as normal, two giants of the business are now licking their wounds while others face increased scrutiny by authorities. The damage was…

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