Defence volunteer dies, two injured in ambush by insurgents in Narathiwat

One territorial defence volunteer was killed and two were injured in an ambush by southern insurgents in a village in the Si Sakhon district of Thailand’s southern province of Narathiwat…

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Police officer killed and four injured in explosion in Pattani

A policeman was killed and four others injured when a pickup truck, in which they were travelling on their routine night patrol, was struck by a roadside bomb in front…

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Insurgents in Tuesday’s attacks seen wearing shirts bearing BRN flag

Two of the three southern insurgents allegedly responsible for torching one of the 19 targets, mostly convenience stores, in three southern provinces of Thailand on Tuesday night, wore the flag…

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Villager killed, 3 officers injured in two explosions in Thailand’s Pattani

A villager was killed when he unwittingly detonated an explosive device, as he was fishing in a rice field in the Sai Buri district of Thailand’s southern province of Pattani…

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Fourth southern insurgent held after 10-hour siege in Songkhla

The fourth insurgent, holding out in a house in Chana district of Thailand’s southern province of Songkhla, was captured by security forces on Thursday evening, following a siege which lasted…

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Three suspected insurgents killed by Thai security forces in Songkhla

Three suspected insurgents were shot dead by government security forces in the Chana district of Thailand’s southern province of Songkhla this morning (Thursday), according to the Internal Security Operations Command…

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One officer killed in clash with insurgents in Thailand’s Narathiwat province

An army officer was killed in a firefight with insurgents hiding in a forest peat swamp in the southern border province of Narathiwat on Saturday night, as government forces tightened…

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Thai security forces lay siege to a forest peat swamp to put pressure on hiding insurgents

About 100 troops, police and para-military rangers are blocking all potential exits from a peat swamp in a forest in Bajoh district of Thailand’s southernmost province of Narathiwat, to prevent…

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Narathiwat deputy police chief narrowly escapes death in insurgent ambush

The Deputy Chief of Thailand’s southern border province of Narathiwat and four of his subordinates narrowly escaped death and serious injury when their armour-plated pickup truck was ambushed by a…

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Rights group calls on government to stop arming civilians in Deep South

A student human rights advocacy group in Thailand’s Deep South, PerMAS, has called on the Government to stop arming civilians and to stop dragging them into the armed conflict between…

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NHRC condemns insurgent attack on Yala defence volunteer outpost

The National Human Rights Commission today issued a statement condemning southern insurgents for their brutal attack on a village defence volunteer unit in Yala’s Muang district on Tuesday evening, resulting…

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Insurgents detonate car-bomb at Pattani police station

Southern insurgents detonated a car bomb, damaging eight vehicles in front of an old police station in Mai Kaen district of Thailand’s southern border province of Pattani Thursday night. A…

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