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NHSC resolution to delay ban on three chemicals illegal – Thammasat vice rector

The November 27th resolution of the National Hazardous Substances Committee (NHSC), to delay the ban on Paraquat and Chlorpyrifos for six months and allow controlled use of Glyphosate, is illegal,…

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Government’s latest peril over alleged incomplete oath-taking

The government appears to be in the hot seat over Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s alleged failure to recite the full text of the oath of allegiance during the swearing-in ceremony…

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(Photo) Thousands of protesters converged on the Hong Kong police headquarters, the latest in a wave of anti-government demos/AFP

Hong Kong police slam ‘illegal’ protest as HQ siege ends

Hong Kong police on Saturday slammed an “illegal” blockade of its headquarters after a 15-hour siege by anti-government demonstrators calling for the resignation of the city’s pro-Beijing leader. Thousands of…

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