Reading the story of Thailand’s election in campaign posters

Despite the rise of social media, campaign posters still seem to be the main channel of communication for political parties and candidates going all out to woo voters as election…

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Millions of struggling Thai workers eye election promises to ease daily hardship

Security guard Nopporn Net-aram does not expect much on Labor Day, marked on May 1 every year. Nor does he have high hopes of the May 14 election. “I always…

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Agriculture sector needs reforms, not short-term populism of political parties

The agriculture sector has always held an important place in Thailand, even though the country’s agricultural output accounts for less than 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). The sector’s importance…

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The campaign promises and populism shaping Thailand’s 2023 election

The huge number of so-called populist promises being made in campaigning for Thailand’s election may have overwhelmed many voters. But political parties are hoping that at least some of these…

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Are political parties shortchanging the economy with populist platforms?   

The latest populist promise by the Pheu Thai Party of digital currency handouts has stirred a hot debate on the policy platforms of parties contesting the May 14 general election….

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Strategies, betrayals and backroom deals as Thai election race begins

Registration of constituency candidates nationwide on Monday (April 3) marks the official start of the May 14 general election, as candidates and their parties will now have to comply with…

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Learning from our feminists

The marking of Women’s Day on March 8 in Thailand is considerably “political”. But it’s political “constructively”. Demands for free tampons at workplaces, extended pregnancy leave or legalised prostitution, whether…

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Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt beams as he poses with his team, including his communications director Prab Laoharojanaphan (far left).

The social-media wizardry behind Bangkok Governor Chadchart’s popularity

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has built a huge following on social media, reaching millions of netizens who read, watch, like and comment on his regular posts and content. The credit…

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Former Bangkok governor says flooding in several areas have been solved

Former Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang said today (Wednesday) that he has already solved the flood problems in 15 areas of the capital and would address the problems in the remaining…

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Floods, pollution and cultural tourism addressed by Bangkok’s gubernatorial candidates

Bangkok gubernatorial election candidates Chadchart Sittipunt and the Democrat Party’s Suchatvee Suwansawat have been proposing solutions to environmental issues faced by the capital, such as flooding and PM2.5 pollution, less than…

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Battle for Bangkok raging online and offline as governor election looms

Battle is heating up both online and offline as Bangkok governor candidates woo voters of all generations ahead of the May 22 election. In the offline realm, candidates are jostling…

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Chadchart to focus on Bangkok’s undecided voters, Aswin to increase fire stations

Independent candidates in Bangkok’s gubernatorial election, Chadchart Sittipunt and former Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang, are ramping up their campaigns, nearly two weeks ahead of the highly anticipated election, with the former…

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Fines imposed on vendors should be used to benefit people – Chadchart

Independent Bangkok gubernatorial candidate Chadchart Sittipunt says the collection of fines from law-breaking street vendors by the City Law Enforcement Department, which amounts to about 100 million baht a year,…

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Bangkok gubernatorial candidates continue to campaign on Wednesday

Three top candidates for Bangkok Governor continued their campaigns in temples and at fresh markets today (Wednesday), ahead of the gubernatorial elections on May 22nd. Independent candidate, Chadchart Sittipunt, along…

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Bangkok gubernatorial candidates step up their campaigns on Sunday

Candidates for Bangkok Governor campaigned in various areas of the capital yesterday (Sunday), gearing up for gubernatorial and council elections on May 22nd, the first in nine years. Candidate No….

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No vote but strong opinions: Bangkok expats ponder governor election

Most expatriates in Bangkok have no right to vote in the May 22 gubernatorial election, yet the outcome affects their everyday lives just as much as those of other residents….

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Winners and losers in ‘poster war’ for Bangkok governor election

Controversy has erupted over the size – and sheer proliferation – of campaign posters on Bangkok streets, as city governor hopefuls vie for voter attention ahead of the May 22…

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