Education experts fear quality will drop as teacher exams made easier

Despite Thailand’s increasing desperation to boost the quality of its education, authorities have decided that teacher trainees only need to be tested on one subject to get a license. This…

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Thai students fear cruellest cut as Education Ministry leaves hairstyle rules up to schools 

Education Minister Treenuch Thienthong has scrapped her ministry’s rule on student hairstyles – a rule that youngsters have long complained about. However, her decision has been panned instead of praised…

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More than meets the eye to citation scandal rocking Thai academia

When a student cheats in an exam, the penalty is usually at least a failing grade. So when the Thai public recently learned that many university professors had likely bought…

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Understanding history will enable the country to move forward

I grew up in the Thai education system. Stories from the past, including folk stories, are something I read mostly for entertainment. My curiosity about what has happened in the…

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Thai counseling teachers need more support from the system

12 years in counseling works, Manus Onsang, web editor said he met with counseling teachers enough to know they were mostly well-intended and overburdened with non-counseling school work. Though…

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Bangkok administration urged to manage its own educational system

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) should be independent of the Ministry of Education in the management of primary education in Bangkok, said Prof. Dr. Somphong Chitradub, a board advisor of the…

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TCAS: Students still lost in maze of Thai university admission system

Frustration with the Thai University Central Admission System (TCAS) is growing four years after its launch, with students complaining it has failed to offer better or fairer access to higher…

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(Photo by J. Kelly Brito)

The downside of digital learning

Virtual learning during lockdown has been a brand new experience for all students and parents, with both doing their best to come up with the best way to create an…

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(Photo by Romeo GACAD / AFP)

‘Teachers Ready’: Thailand attempts to kick-start education after COVID shutdown

Hit by a third wave of COVID-19 infections, Thailand’s education authorities have been forced to postpone the reopening of schools from May 17 to June 1. However, in a move…

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