NASA Administrator Bill Nelson speaks during a NASA briefing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC, on September 14//AFP

NASA joins the still controversial search for UFOs

NASA on Thursday officially joined the search for UFOs — but reflecting the stigma attached to the field, the US space agency kept secret for hours the identity of the person heading a…

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Baby kidnapped and rescued in Nakhon Pathom suffers from intracerebral haemorrhage

A baby boy, rescued from a man who kidnapped him from Bang Len Hospital in Nakhon Pathom province, is still under close observation on Tuesday, after doctors diagnosed him with…

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Legal action sought against those involved in alleged “import” of Myanmar children 

Police in Ang Thong province are seeking legal action against a former school director and four others for alleged involvement in “importing” and sheltering 126 Myanmar children.  The former school…

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Hospital director killed by lone gunman in his own clinic

The director of Phra Chomklao Hospital, in Thailand’s Phetchaburi province, was shot dead in his clinic by a lone gunman this morning (Saturday). According to eyewitness accounts, the gunman parked…

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