Diesel price to reduce by 50 satang per litre on February 15th

Thailand’s Fuel Fund Executive Committee has decided to cut the retail price of diesel fuel by 50 satang/litre, the first time in seven months, effective February 15th. Wisak Watanasap, director…

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Diesel price in Thailand to be pegged at current level for two more months

The Thai cabinet has decided to subsidise the diesel price until January 20th, which means a loss of excise tax revenue for the state of another 20 billion baht. After…

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Electricity rate for August frozen to ease burden on low-income households

The Ministry of Energy and the Energy Regulatory Commission agreed, at their joint meeting yesterday (Monday), to freeze the electricity rate for August after Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha expressed concern…

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Benzene and gasohol prices increase by about 4 baht per litre in May

Retail prices of benzene and all types of gasohol have increased eight times during May, by a combined total of 4 baht per litre, with the only price drop being…

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Army trucks and men on standby in case truckers go on strike in Bangkok

The Royal Thai Army’s (RTA) First Division of the Royal Guards has put a fleet of 34 trucks and drivers on standby to help with cargo transport, in case truck…

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Truckers gear up for mass protest on Monday to demand diesel price cap

Thousands of truckers in Thailand are gearing up for a nationwide strike tomorrow (Monday), to pressure the government into meeting their demand for the price of diesel to be capped…

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Truckers stage rally to demand diesel price peg at 25 baht per litre

Hundreds of trucks and their drivers, affiliated with the Land Transport Federation of Thailand, gathered this morning (Tuesday) at muster points on six main routes in different parts of the…

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