A paramedic checks the oxygen level of his patient who is suffering from a heat stroke after carrying him in an ambulance from his home in village Mirchwara, 24 kilometers from Banpur in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)

In rural India, summer’s heat can be deadly. Ambulance crews see the toll up close

Siren blaring, Sunil Kumar Naik’s ambulance tore across a dry and rocky countryside blasted by dangerous midday heat, rushing to check on a vomiting and dizzy 30-year-old man with possible…

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How climate change fuels extreme heat

Heatwaves across Asia and beyond have already broken records this year, while the arrival of the El Nino climate phenomenon will mean even more extreme temperatures. Here AFP looks at how climate change produces extreme heat, how scientists evaluate heatwaves and the…

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Global CO2 emissions set to rebound this year to pre-Covid levels

Glasgow (AFP) – Global CO2 emissions mainly caused by burning fossil fuels are set to rebound in 2021 to levels seen before the Covid pandemic, according to an assessment published Thursday that…

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