3 oarsmen missing hours after capsize during boat race on Chi River

Three oarsmen are still missing after their boat crashed into a bridge support and capsized during a longboat race on the Chi River in Muang district of the north-eastern province…

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Chi and Mun river basins will be worst affected by tropical storm Noru

Chi and Mun river basins in the north-east of Thailand will suffer the worst effects of tropical storm Noru, which is expected to hit the region this Thursday, although the…

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Rescue workers try to save hundreds of pigs from drowning in flood water

Many pigs have drowned while some were saved by rescue workers after water from the swollen Chi River swept into riverside pig farms in Phra Yuen district of Thailand’s north-eastern…

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Residents in 6 northeastern Thai provinces warned to prepare forevacuation as Chi river rises

Thailand’s National Water Directorate has issued an advisory,for riverside residents living in 28 districts in six north-eastern provinces, to move their valuables to higher ground and be ready for evacuation…

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NE farmers defy request not to pump irrigation water from the Chi River

Farmers in Thailand’s northeastern province of Maha Sarakham are defying requests from the provincial irrigation office, to conserve supplies for consumption, not to pump water from the Chi River. The…

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