Knock-on effect of new rules for elderly subsidies

By 2030, Thailand will be a super-aged society, with the elderly accounting for 28% of its population. The economic ramifications of the increase in the elderly population are preventable, but…

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Extended families are no longer the norm in Thai society. Gone are the days when elderly parents can simply wait for aid from their grown-up children. (Photo by Danie Franco)

Fairly large nest egg needed to retire comfortably in Thailand

Unlike previous generations, people entering their senior years now and in the future will likely need to save a substantial sum of money for their retirement. Without savings, they risk…

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Tanong and his running pals

When age really is just a number

In Thailand’s greying society, the elderly are leading more active lives in every sense Songkran is not just about splashing water but is also an occasion to pay respect to…

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The huge challenges facing Thailand’s ageing society

National Elderly Day on April 13 serves as a reminder that Thai society is ageing fast. The country is facing a multitude of challenges as its elderly population expands rapidly…

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(Photo by Mladen ANTONOV / AFP)

Op-Ed: Let’s do more to accomplish a healthy aging community during the covid-19 pandemic

What will you encounter when you are getting older? You will experience the great magnitude of physical and mental health changes resulting from the aging process, the transition from healthy…

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