11 July 2024

The suspect in Thursday’s shooting spree in and around Bangkok is in custody and will be held for at least for 12 days, during the initial questioning and investigation.

The police are opposing bail, because the suspect is a flight risk and due to the severity of the case, involving 2 deaths in 2 provinces.

On his way to the police car, the suspect apologised to the public for what he did and said he has some mental issues, claiming he was abused while in the army as a conscript.

Earlier today, his parents paid him a visit. They told the media that the suspect wept and said he is sorry for what happened. They claimed their son was in distress after attending a military camp, which led to psychological problems.

They apologised on their son’s behalf and said they are willing to pay as much compensation as they can afford.

The parents also said the suspect owns 2 guns. He bought them for self-protection after he left the army.