16 July 2024

Eight sub-districts in Thailand’s southern border province of Pattani have been locked down, by order of the provincial governor, in his capacity as head of the provincial communicable disease control committee, following a surge of 173 new COVID-19 cases in the province on Sunday.

The sub-districts are Pakaharang, Bana, Barahoh, Talu Bo, Khlong Maning, Plong Hoy, Karubee and Taloh Kraithong.

Provincial health officials and public health volunteers have stepped up active screening in many villages in the province, with the likelihood that several will face lockdowns.

Health officials, police and military personnel have set up a checkpoint at Koh Mo Kaeng, in Tha Kam Cham sub-district of Nong Chik, which is the gateway to the Muang district, Yala and Narathiwat provinces, to search all vehicles and conduct temperature checks on all commuters arriving from high-risk areas.

Mobile labs were sent to several districts, to conduct free COVID-19 screening for members of the public from this morning (Monday).

Cumulative infections in Pattani, to date are, 2,004 of which 770 have recovered. The death toll is 6.