11 July 2024

Songkran festivities may be allowed this year, but without water splashing. However, this will have to be proposed to and sanctioned by the CCSA first.

The Secretary General of the National Security Council, General Nataphol Nakpanich, revealed details of the “new-normal” Songkran festivities today.

This came after a meeting with the Ministries of Culture, Public Health and Tourism and Sports over the details, which will be proposed to the CCSA sub-committee tomorrow (Thursday), and the main committee next Friday (March 19th).

The suggestions include allowing some activities, such as Rod Nam Dum Hua (pouring water on the hands of elders and ask for a blessing) and Song Nam Phra (pouring water over Buddha images), where such activities require people to wear facemasks.

However, water splashing and smearing white powder paste may not be allowed, including popular celebrations on Khao Sarn Road, as it may increase the risk of transmitting coronavirus. This will, however, depend on the Public Health Ministry.