13 July 2024
A soldier was killed in a gun attack in Cho Ai Rong district of Narathiwat this morning, police said.

A police investigation found that while Chief Warrant Officer Patchai Suree, 26, attached to the 41st mobile development unit, was travelling on a motorcycle from his house in Rangae district to his office in Sungai Padi district when he was followed by two men on another motorcycle.
Police said the incident occurred at about 10am on Cho Ai Rong-Sungai Padi road in Tambon Marubo-ok.  While passing a rubber plantation near Ban Cho Mong village, the pillion-rider of the trailing motorcycle fired five shots into the back of  the soldier with a handgun, killing him instantly.

Police were investigating. It was initially believed the attack was staged by Muslim militants.