11 July 2024

All 13 smaller parties in the coalition government, with the exception of the Thai Civilized Party, are still with the government, said Deputy Agriculture Minister Thammanat Prompao today (Tuesday).

Thammanat, Palang Pracharat party’s strategic chief for the northern region, said that, of all the smaller coalition parties, the Prachachon Patiroop, the Rak Puenpa Prathet Thai, and Palang Thongthin Thai parties do not pose any problem for the government.

The ten others are due to meet this afternoon, reportedly to discuss their possible defection from the government camp to become an independent opposition bloc, said Thammanat, however, adding that he was confident that nine of them are still with the government.

He indicated that he would not stop Thai Civilized Party leader Mongkolkit Suksintharanont from leaving the coalition to become an independent opposition MP.

“We respect his (Mongkolkit’s) judgment.  He insists on being with the people and will not oppose the government on all issues,” said the deputy agriculture minister, who was assigned by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to deal with the smaller parties in the coalition government.

He insisted that the government commands more than 250 votes in the lower House and assured that there would not be a repeat of the recent rebellion among the coalition parties.

Last week, the Opposition outvoted the government, by 205 to 204 votes, over Regulation No 9 of the lower House regarding the impartiality of the House Speaker.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister today dismissed as untrue a news report that he had a working lunch meeting with the ten smaller parties on Thursday, saying there are already people who are dealing with them.