11 July 2024

Air quality in and around Bangkok this morning slightly improved to moderate level, with only two traffic-congested roadside areas and another area further away from the main road where the amount of PM2.5 dust particles were found to exceed 50 microns.

However, five hours afterward at about noon as traffic was becoming more congested, PM2.5 dust particles have spread out, with six areas measured to have dust particles exceeding the standard level of 50 microns.

Pollution Control Department predicted that the air quality in Bangkok and its peripherals tomorrow would be moderate with some areas being categorized as “starting to pose health hazards”.

The PCD’s forecast coincides with the Meteorological Department forecast model showing slight increase in temperature in Bangkok which will result in close weather and potential increase of dust particles.

The amount of PM2.5 dust particles at the Chatuchak weekend market today  was measured at moderate level or safe for visit.  Thai PBS news team reported that the market was crowded with both locals and foreign tourists strolling leisurely or shopping.