11 July 2024

Police discovered today the missing hands of an 18-year-old girl, who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend in a house in Pathum Thani province.

The death of the freshman at a Bangkok university came to light yesterday, after her body was found wrapped in a plastic sheet and left near a garage in Muang district.

The victim’s throat had been slit and she had bruises all over her body. Her hands had been amputated at the wrists. The body was tied up with three belts bearing the university’s emblem. Also found at the scene were two dumbbells.

The police’s initial investigation led to her boyfriend, identified only as “Thanakorn”, also 18. The pair shared a house in the province, where police found traces of blood and a large knife in the toilet.

Police then visited the house of Thanakorn’s parents, only to be informed that he had tried to take his own life by overdosing on pills. Thanakorn was rushed to hospital, admitted to the ICU, and remains unconscious at the time of this report.

CCTV footage, released by police, shows Thanakorn leaving the house on a motorcycle at about 4am with an object, believed to be his girlfriend’s body, on the back.

The footage shows that he dumped the object near the garage, about a kilometre from his house, at about 5am.

The owner of the garage told police that he witnessed a motorcycle approaching his garage and a man dragging something to the area.

Assuming that the motorcyclist was trying to dump rubbish, he shouted that the place was not for dumping.

The footage also shows that the suspect stopped on Rangsit-Pathum Thani Road, before going to the garage, and throwing something. That was where the victim’s hands were found, police said.

The suspect’s elder brother, who shares the house, told police that, on the night in question, he heard his brother and his girlfriend quarrelling. He told them to stop and their quarrelling ceased.