11 July 2024

The Criminal Court today (Friday) revoked the bail granted to six members of the anti-establishment Talu Fah activist group three days earlier, after it came to light that they allegedly committed vandalism by scribbling words all over the court detention cell while waiting for the court’s decision on their bail requests.

The six protesters are among 18, including Jatupat Boonpattararaksa, alias “Pai Daodin”, who are on trial for alleged offences related to their participation in a protest last year.

Legal officials of the Criminal Court reported the alleged act of vandalism today, which they claim occurred on Tuesday between 1pm and 5.37 pm, as the defendants were waiting in the detention cell.

The officials said they checked the CCTV system and found the defendants scrawled words on the chairs, the restroom door, a telephone box, a garbage bin, the lid of the toilet seat and on a partition board. A bench was also allegedly damaged.

After receiving the report, the court revoked the bail previously granted for allegedly violating bail conditions and ordered their guarantor to bring them to the court so they can be returned to the remand centre.

The defendants still have the right to apply for another bail.