11 July 2024

Thailand reported six new COVID-19 cases today, including the four previously unofficial cases reported in Phuket yesterday, bringing the cumulative total to 3,015. No new fatalities were reported.

Among the new cases, in the southern resort province of Phuket, is a police officer from Patong police station, who tested positive for the virus on May 2nd after he developed a fever and sore throat. His confirmed infection has led to the quarantining of 24 colleagues in the police station.

The fifth case is a 6-year old boy living in Narathiwat, who was infected when he tended to his sick father in hospital. The sixth infection is a 22-year old Thai man, who is reported to have been in contact with infected people returning from Malaysia.

Cumulative recoveries have increased to 2,796, accounting for 92.74% of all infections, while 163 others are still hospitalized. The country’s death toll remains at 56.

CCSA spokesman Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin said today that the number of provinces which have reported no new infections for the past 28 days has increased from 45 to 46, with the latest being the northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom.

Despite the steady slowing of the spread of the deadly virus, Dr. Taweesin reminded the public not to lower their guard or become complacent, citing the recent resurgence of the disease in China and South Korea.

He said that 31 new infections have been reported in the past ten days in Xulan city in Jilin province, shortly after China eased lockdown measures across the country. In South Korea, 69 new cases have been reported in the past few days, prompting health officials to conduct contact tracing of about 1,500 people.

Wuhan, the origin of COVID-19 outbreak in China, reported its first new cluster of infections today, since a lockdown of the city was lifted a month ago, stoking concerns of a wider resurgence of the disease.

Dr. Rungruang Kitphadee, spokesman for Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health, has warned that the deadly virus will definitely stage a comeback, in second and third waves of the outbreak, if the public becomes complacent.

In his Facebook post yesterday, he said that he is very worried that an increasing number of people are ignoring stay-at-home advice, as evident in the increasing traffic congestion in Bangkok, and more are people not wearing face masks in public.

He said that the slowing rate of new infections does not mean that the threat has eased, as he urged an escalated Active Case Finding campaign and reminded the public to observe the new normal practices strictly, such as social distancing, the wearing of face masks in public, regular hand washing with sanitizers or soap and avoiding congested places.