Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi stripped of all Royal titles and military ranks for disloyalty

His Majesty the King has issued a Royal Command stripping Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi of all her royal titles, decorations and military ranks for alleged acts of disloyalty and insubordination.

According to the Royal Command, which was published in the Royal Gazette today (Monday), Sineenat was accused of displaying her opposition to the installation of Queen Suthida and of exerting pressure in every way to prevent the elevation of the Queen, while seeking to have the King promote her to assume the role instead.

After Queen Suthida’s installation ceremony, Sineenat continued to display her ambition and engaged in Royal activities in violation of His Majesty the King’s authority, said the Royal Command. 

In order to ease the problem or improper acts which affect the Monarchy and the country, HM the King graciously bestowed Chao Khun Sineenat the title of Royal Noble Consort in July, hoping that she would ease her pressure.

However, Sineenat was not satisfied with the new Royal title and continued with her attempts in every possible way to elevate herself to the same level as Queen Suthida and displayed her disobedience towards Their Majesties the King and Queen.

Sineenat is also accused of overstepping her authority, abusing her ranks in a way that caused public confusion about her status for her own benefit in the hope that she would be elevated to the same status as Queen Suthida by HM the King.

Sineenat’s acts are considered to be disloyal and ungrateful to HM the King’s kindness.  They have caused division among court officials and public confusion and are considered to be an act of subversion against the Monarchy and the country, according to the Royal Command.


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