11 July 2024
The Similan-Surin islands, popular tourist attractions in the Andaman sea, will be reopened to visitors as of Monday October 15, but the number of visitors will be capped at 3,325 a day to prevent overcrowding.

Of the number of visitors to be allowed on the two islands, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation set  the number of visitors for Koh See at not more than 1,700 per day and not exceeding 1,625 for Koh Paed whereas the number of scuba divers at 21 dive spots has been set at 525 a day.

No overnight stay will be permitted on the two islands to protect the environment of the islands and to prevent overcrowding, said the department.

Tour operators have been notified of the re-opening of the two islands for visitors and the restrictions and to get themselves prepared with their vessels being properly checked to ensure their sea worthiness and equipped with enough life vests for their passengers.

A department source said that the tour operators were satisfied with the new arrangement, but some of them complained of the short notice to make preparations.

The reopening of the two islands to visitors marks an end of the monsoon season and the start of tourist season in the Andaman sea.