11 July 2024

Technology enables us to support individuals with disabilities and “Be My Eyes” is a tool which has revolutionised the way we help those with visual impairments. The application has made assistance more accessible for the disabled and more flexible for volunteers.

In our quest to make the world a better place, we often seek ways to improve the lives of those with disabilities, helping them to participate fully in society and achieve a better quality of life. Technology has played a significant role in this effort, providing us with tools and platforms that allow us to connect and support one another, regardless of our physical limitations.

“Be My Eyes” connects sighted volunteers with visually impaired people, providing them with a valuable tool to help them to navigate the world around them. With over 6 million volunteers in more than 150 countries and available in over 180 languages, the Be My Eyes app has created a platform on which people can easily and quickly get assistance with tasks that require sight.

The app uses a smartphone and its camera to connect volunteers with visually impaired users. At the touch of a button, the platform will connect a volunteer to the user through a live video call. The volunteer can assist the user with tasks like reading labels, identifying objects or navigating new environments.

The app provides a certain level of independence and autonomy, which was previously challenging to achieve, and has enabled many users to complete tasks with which they would otherwise have needed assistance, such as cooking, grocery shopping or even traveling to new places.

In addition to the practical benefits of the app, the sense of community it fosters is incredibly valuable. Volunteers often report feeling a sense of fulfillment and purpose from helping others. At the same time, visually impaired users are able to connect with a network of people who are eager to help.

By Truong Khanh Thi Nguyen