Second forensic probe finds evidence of assault on body of abducted child

Thailand’s Institute of Forensic Medicine has found signs of assault on the body of the three-year old girl, who went missing from her home in a village in Dong Luang district in Thailand’s northeastern province of Muk Dahan on May 11th.

After three days, the naked body of Nong Chompoo was found in the forest on Phu Lek Fai Mountain, in Phu Pha Chon national park, about two kilometres from her parents’ home.

An informed source said that the forensic team has taken tissue and blood samples, including a rape kit, from the victim, to help in determining the actual cause of death, the results of which are expected in about 30 days.

Police in Dong Luang district have questioned several suspects, but none have been charged or held in custody.

The Bangkok-based Institute of Forensic Medicine’s autopsy result seems to contradict the forensic report by the pathologist at Sappasitprasong Hospital in Ubon Ratchathani, who did not find any trace that the girl had been assaulted.


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