11 July 2024

Thai police in Phuket Province are looking for a female Russian tourist, who has been missing from her hotel on Nai Thon beach for three days. Her relatives have offered a US$10,000 reward to anyone who can provide information about her whereabouts.

53-year-old Elena Racnenko was last seen on Nai Thon beach in Thalang District on October 20th. A pair of shoes and a blanket were later found at the foot of a tree on the beach.

Having been notified by her relatives about her disappearance, police launched a massive search along the beach, in the sea and in the mountains near the hotel, but could not locate her. The search continued today (Sunday) without success by the time of this report.

The Thalang District chief officer said that rain and rough seas pose an obstruction to the searches, as he said that he cannot say for sure whether she is still alive.

A Russian friend reportedly told the police that she went to the beach with Elena at about 10am on October 20th and that Elena had entered the sea to swim alone.

She also said that she became suspicious after her friend had not returned to her room by the evening and went to the beach to look for her. Having failed to locate her, she asked hotel staff to inform the police.