11 July 2024

Besides damages inflicted on properties, live stocks and farmlands by tropical storm Pa Buk, the storm is likely to have caused extensive damages to marine lives, coral reefs and marine environment. 

Marine scientist and vice dean of the Faculty of Fisheries of Kasetsaart University Thon Thamrongnawasawat wrote in his Facebook post today that one of the concerns was the massive amount of fresh water pouring into the Gulf from rivers.

This might cause sudden massive death to fish and other marine lives in coastal areas and the river estuaries as was in the case near the coast of Phetchaburi-Cha-am some time ago, said Thon.

Coral reefs in shallow water such as those around Koh Samui and Koh Pha-ngan will be broken by the force of waves, but the sediments whipped up by strong waves from the sea floor will later on settle on coral reefs and kill the weak coral reefs, said the marine scientist.

The worst threat, he said, is the massive amount of fresh water pouring into the sea which will suddenly reduce the salinity of the sea water and this will cause coral bleaching.

Another big problem after the storm is the huge amount of garbage, said Thon as he advised provincial authorities of the affected coastal provinces to address the problem once they have freed themselves from relief and rehabilitation operations for the storm victims.