11 July 2024

Thai graphic studio “The Studio Apollo” has created school uniform filters for students to use after a controversial announcement emerged last week asking students to wear their uniforms, even during online classes.

The studio’s founder, Chisanapong Thanatheerasawat, told Thai PBS that the instruction has sparked controversy and he wanted to provide a solution, so that all parties could move on and go about improving the education system, rather than debating whether or not to wear a uniform in an online class.

The filters are shared via The Studio Apollo Facebook page and have been well received by Thai netizens, with over 2,000 comments and 13,000 users reacting to the post.

After the filters were launched, and became available on the popular online conference platforms Zoom, Google Meet and MS Team, some users downloaded and used them for their online conferences. Data shows, however, that most of them are first jobbers or older people, while a smaller number of students, who are the main target of these filters have used them.

With the online classes becoming the new normal during COVID-19, Chisanapong said that his studio will continue to develop this project. They plan to create an array of styles, to cover different uniforms, from kindergarten to university, as well as for school staff.

“Teachers are a group carrying this burden to wear the uniform as much as students, with the government uniform or other appropriate attire,” Chisanapong said.

Future plans of his studio also include creating materials, using their expertise in graphic design, for online classes. It could help students focus when they have to attend an online class and make it easier for teachers to do their job, the graphic designer said.