11 July 2024

Geologists from the Department of Mineral Resources found the fossilised footprints of what are believed to be Sauropod dinosaurs this week, in the border area of the Nam Nao district of Phetchabun and the Phu Pha Man district of Khon Kaen.

Several footprints were found in sediment rocks in the dry bed of a stream running from Tad Yai waterfall, said an official on the expedition team.

The footprints are different from those found before in the area and are believed to be those of a Sauropod, which have never been found before in Thailand.

Sauropod dinosaurs are very large herbivores that walked on four legs and had long necks, with small heads and long tails. These dinosaurs are believed to have existed during the late Triassic period, or between 225-220 million years ago.