12 July 2024

A poultry processing plant, belonging to the CPF Company in Thailand’s central province of Saraburi, was partially closed today (Sunday) for five days for disinfection, after 245 workers tested positive for COVID-19 during active screening.

According to provincial health officials, about 3,400 of the approximately 5,800 workers at the plant have been screened.  So far, 765 test results are known and 245 of them were found to be infected.

The infected workers have been admitted to a hospital in the province, while a field hospital has been set up at a scout’s camp in Kaeng Khoi district, which can accommodate up to 160 patients. So far, 49 patients have been admitted.

CPF has also set up a field hospital, in the compound of the factory, which can accommodate up to 400 patients.