Royalist group rallies in front of US Embassy in Bangkok

A small group of Thai royalists rallied in front of the US Embassy on Wireless Road in the Thai capital this morning (Tuesday), to protest against alleged US interference in Thailand’s internal affairs.

Led by former entertainer Haruthai Muangboonsri, the group said that they demonstrated today to protect the Monarchy.

The royalist group held placards which read “Mr. DeSombre, your Job in Hong Kong was good, but it doesn’t work for Thailand” and “Please Stop Hybrid War in Thailand.”

Haruthai claimed that the current political conflict, which has snowballed into demands for sweeping reform of the Monarchy and has seen attacks on the institution by anti-establishment protesters, stemmed from the spread of distorted information and fake news about the institution.

She said that the Monarchy has been the centre that connects Thai people together as a nation, but it is now a target of sacrilege committed by ill-intentioned elements.

The group dispersed shortly afterward.



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