11 July 2024

People living in communities along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, which are not protected by flood walls, have been advised to move their valuables to higher ground today (Tuesday), ahead of the high tide tonight.

Spokesman for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Aekvarunyoo Amrapala, also advised riverside residents to check their electrical outlets and to monitor the water situation closely, via the city administration’s Facebook page, the BMA’s Flood Prevention Centre and the Department of Drainage and Sewerage.

Aekvarunyoo said that the flow of the Chao Phraya River through Bang Sai district of Ayutthaya today was measured at an average of 3,090m3/sec which, when compounded by the high tide expected at 7.23pm, will raise the water level in the river.

Overflows from the Chao Phraya, Pa Sak, Noi and Sakae Krang rivers are flooding many areas in Nonthaburi, Ayutthaya, Sing Buri, Ang Thong and Uthai Thani provinces.

In Nonthaburi province, the Rama V intersection and nearby lanes are under 20-50cm of water, as officials rush to drain water out and to reinforce the floodwalls.

In Sing Buri province, workers used sandbags to build a walkway, to enable people to gain access to the In Buri district hospital. A tent was erected outside the hospital to serve as a temporary shelter for medical personnel and some of the patients.

In Uthai Thani province, overflows from Sakae Krang River have flooded the provincial hall and other government buildings. A flood wall has been erected to prevent water from entering the prison, where many inmates are incarcerated.

More than 70% of the shops in the Muang district have closed due to flooding.

Floodwater in the Wiset Chai Chan and Pho Thong districts of Ang Thong is steadily rising, due to overflows from the Noi River.