Reincarnated Khana Rasadorn to press three demands in October 14th protest

Thailand’s Free People and Free Youth movements have renamed themselves the “Khana Rasadorn”, as their leaders vowed today to stage their protest at the Democracy Monument on October 14th, to press for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, reform of the Monarchy and the opening of a special parliamentary session to rewrite the Constitution.

They also promised “a surprise” during the protest and that they will not to block the road when a motorcade carrying His Majesty the King is to pass through the area, on its way to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, to preside over a ceremony to make presentations to monks who have completed high levels of Buddhist studies.

The Khana Rasadorn was originally a group of mostly foreign-educated military officers and civilians who led the bloodless coup in 1932, which toppled the Government of King Prajadhipok and transformed Siam from an absolute monarchy to constitutional one.

Speaking at a news conference at Sanam Luang this afternoon, the protest leaders read a prepared statement, announcing that the Khana Rasadorn had not disappeared, but remains in the hearts of all lovers of democracy.

The Khana Rasadorn had been reborn at Sanam Luang, which they renamed “Sanam Rasadorn”, with the objective of restoring democracy to Thailand.

Accusing the Government of failing to respond to their demands so far, the protest leaders announced that they would stage a protest on October 14th, at Sanam Luang.

Parliament is currently in recess until November 1st.

The statement clarified that the protesters have no intention of toppling the current administrative system, with the King as head of the state, but want to usher Thailand towards a system that places the King under the Constitution.

One of the protest leaders, human rights lawyer Anont Nampa, told the media that their protest is open to all political groups who aspire to true democracy, be it the red-shirt movement or the pro-Monarchy yellow-shirts.

He maintained that the protest will be peaceful and that permission has already been sought from the police to stage the rally, adding that the protesters may spend the night at the Democracy Monument and that the protest may last several days, depending on the number of protesters and the situation.

Asked about the Royal motorcade, Anont assured that there will be no attempt by protesters to prevent the motorcade, or any other motorists, from using the roads in the vicinity of the Democracy Monument.


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