11 July 2024

His Majesty the King of Thailand has graciously granted permission for members of the public to pay respect to the statue of the late King Bhumibol at Prasat Phra Thep Bidorn, in the compound of the Grand Palace, on October 13th to commemorate the late King’s passing.

Members of the public can access the late King’s statue through the Wisetchaicharn Gate of the Grand Palace between 8am and 2pm and exit through the Sawatdisopha Gate, which will be open from 2pm until 5pm.

The bronze statue of the late King Bhumibol is 172cm tall. It weighs 156kg, including the 7cm thick base.

Their Majesties the King and Queen presided over a ceremony to bless the statue at the Amporn Throne Hall, in the Dusit Palace, followed by another ceremony when the statue was installed at Prasat Phra Thep Bidorn on April 6th.

The late King Bhumibol passed away, at the age of 88, on October 13th, 2016.