11 July 2024

Many cars and trucks have been queueing at PTT and Bangchak service stations in Thailand since 5am this morning (Friday) to refill their vehicles, after the two oil companies cut their prices of benzine products by 3 baht/litre, effective today.

PTT and Bangchak stations in Bangkok were very quiet last night, as motorists waited to refill their tanks today.

One motorist told Thai PBS that he is happy with the price cut which, he said, is quite substantial and will help him reduce his fuel expenses, because he occasionally travels out of town.

One motorcyclist complained, however, that oil prices are still higher than they were previously and he used to fill his tank for 100 baht, but now it costs 140 baht.

The oil-based products, for which prices have been cut, include gasohol E85, E20, 91 and 95 as well as benzine 95. The price of diesel remains unchanged at 34.94 baht/litre.

The price reduction is in line with falling global oil prices.