11 July 2024

After a stand-off with police lasting almost three hours, the anti-government protesters broke through police blockade and are now occupying areas around the Government House.

Police apparently made no attempts to stop the protesters as they forced their way through a series of barriers before finally reaching the gates of the Government House.

Protest leaders vowed they would occupy the areas for the next few days. They are demanding a resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and a new constitution to be adopted.

The protesters had marched from the Democracy Monument and were allowed to move unhindered until they reached the Nanglerng intersection which was only a few hundred metres from the Government House and where a blockade was set up.  After more than two hours of negotiations the protesters broke through the blockade though it was not immediately clear if the police granted them the passage.

The protesters also broke the last police blockade half an hour later to reach the Government House.

Earlier, there had been some tense moments when some of the protesters scuffled with a handful of people in yellow shirts before police intervened.

The march from the Democracy Monument was made under a watchful eye of hundreds of policemen who stood between the protesters and a crowd of people in yellow shirts who turned up to greet the motorcade of HM the King which was to pass through the avenue.  HM the King was scheduled to preside over a religious ceremony at the Emerald Buddha Temple.

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