11 July 2024

Public prosecutors have decided to return the case file of the 14-year-old suspect in the Siam Paragon shooting on October 3rd to the police, on the grounds that the police enquiry was unlawful, because it was carried out without waiting for the youth’s mental health assessment from the Galya Rajanagarindra Institute.

Naken Thongpraiwan, deputy spokesman for the Office of the Attorney-General, said today that the boy was sent to the institute by the police for examination and treatment, as they suspected that he might not be mentally fit to stand trial.

While the boy was still at the institute, he said that the police enquiry team filed formal charges against the boy, while the report on his mental health was still being written.

According to the report, the psychiatrist had assessed the boy’s mental health and come to the conclusion that he did not understand the charges against him, could not communicate, could not answer questions and was unable to control his emotions and behaviour. As such, it was ruled that he is not mentally fit to stand trial.

Nakane said that the police enquiry has been deemed unlawful by the public prosecutors, in accordance with the Criminal Procedural Code.

He also said that the police could resume the enquiry process when the boy is mentally fit, adding that the statue limitations in this case is 20 years.

Two people were killed and five others injured in the mass shooting. Another died about 10 days after the incident.

The boy opened fire with a modified blank firing gun, which he purchased via a Facebook page.