Proposed entertainment venue anti-COVID-19 measures if they reopen

A detailed list of measures, which will potentially be applied to pubs, bars and karaoke bars, if they are allowed to resume business on July 1st, has been drawn up by the CCSA’s working committee tasked with easing lockdown restrictions.

They include:

Control of the number of customers to prevent congestion and to enable social distancing in the venue.
Alcohol-based sanitizers available at the entrance and at other locations on the premises.
Temperature screening of all customers and workers.
Groups limited to five people.
A queueing system at the entrance with enforced social distancing.
Tables must be at least two metres apart with partitionsbetween each table.
Chairs must be at least one metre apart and not moved.
Good ventilation inside the premises.
Only food and drinks are permissible, with no singing or dancing by customers.
Only disposable menus to be used.
Drinks to be served by the glass, with no jugs or bottles, to prevent hand contact.
Staff members must wear face masks and face shields all the time.
There must be a plastic partition between the stage and the space for customers.
Entertainers on stage must wear face shields all the time.
No gathering, grouping, shouting or strolling around the venue.
Cleansing of venues every 30-60 minutes.
Staff members, waiting staff or sale representatives are not allowed to sit with customers.
No gaming or competition activities in the venues.

Operators of night entertainment business have been pressuring the CCSA to ease lockdown restrictions, claiming that they are ready to comply with safety measures imposed by the CCSA.


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