11 July 2024

Princess Ubolratana said yesterday she regrets that her desire to help the country by entering the March-24 election as a prime ministerial candidate has ended up in trouble.


“I regret that my sincere intention to help the country and our fellow Thai people has caused unintended troubles,” she said in an Instagram post with a hashtag #howcomeitsthewayitis


The pro-Thaksin Thai Raksa Chart Party last Friday caused a major political commotion by nominating the princess as its candidate for prime minister.  However, on the same night HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn issued a Royal Command to object to the nomination, describing it as “highly inappropriate”.


The newly-formed Thai Raksa Chart Party’s future is now hanging in the balance as it is being probed by the Election Commission for a possible breach of the election law which prohibits involvement of members of the Royal Family in politics.  It is being accused of “engaging in undertaking that might be hostile to the democratic system under the Monarchy” under Article 92 of the Political Parties Act.


There were media reports yesterday that the commission had decided to have the party dissolved for the alleged offence. But the reports were later denied.


Any decision to dissolve a political party must be made by the Constitutional Court.