11 July 2024

Italian-Thai Development’s Premchai Karnasuta has been detained at Thong Pha Phum district prison, together with two of his fellow accused, while awaiting a ruling by the Supreme Court on their bail application after being sentenced for illegal poaching of protected wildlife in the Thung Yai Narusuan wildlife sanctuary.

The Appeals Court today upheld the lower court’s guilty verdict on Premchai, Yong Dodkrua, Thanee Thummat and Mrs. Nathee Riamsaeng, but increased their prison terms.

Premchai’s prison term was increased from 16 months to two years and 17 months, Yong received 2 years and 17 months instead of 13 months, Thanee received 2 years and 21 months instead of 2 years and 17 months while Mrs Nathee was given a 1 year and 8 month suspended jail term.

Lawyers for Premchai, Yong Dodkrua and Thanee Thummat requested bail and waited at the court until after office hours for a response from the Supreme Court.

Corrections officials then escorted the three convicts to the district prison, where they were are spend the night. Tomorrow (Friday) they are due to appear before the Thong Pha Phum provincial court again to hear the ruling from the Supreme Court on their bail application.

Premchai’s lawyer, Mr. Withoon Yamplai, told reporters that his boss did not show any sign of anxiety as he was escorted to the prison.