11 July 2024

The current Loy Krathong Festival is giving rise to phishing scams that trick people into giving out personal information on-line, warned anti-cybercrime police.

They said fake websites have been created to invite people to float krathong on-line.   Tonight marks the full-moon day of the 12th lunar month during which Thais celebrate the Loy Krathong Festival by floating vessels known as krathong which contains flowers, candles and incense sticks in rivers or canals.

In recent years, authorities have encouraged Thais to celebrate the occasion on-line instead to reduce water pollution.

Pol Col Krissana Pattanacharoen, spokesman of the Cybercrime Investigation Bureau, warned on Monday that a number of fake websites inviting people to float krathong on-line have been created in recent days.

He said they trick people into giving out personal information, such as ID, credit card and bank account numbers.