11 July 2024

Police are to take legal action against those among the anti-establishment protesters who vandalized police property during the protest in front of the Royal Thai Police headquarters Wednesday night.

Pol Col Siriwat Deepor, deputy spokesman for the RTP, told the media today (Thursday) that, after a survey of police property around the police headquarters last night, they found 13 surveillance cameras spray-painted, several wall lamps broken, the name plaque of the police HQ covered in paint and a spray-painted police car, which also had its two rearview mirrors broken.

The vandalism took place Wednesday night, after parliament voted to accept two draft constitutional amendments, from government and opposition parties, but rejected all other others, including the one proposed by the iLaw human rights organization.

The rejection of the iLaw draft, which had been supported by the protesters, enraged several of them, triggering a spree of vandalism.

On Tuesday, police said that six of their vehicles and four buses were damaged, including three trucks equipped with water cannons after sand was found in their fuel tanks, allegedly put there by protesters during that day’s the rally in front of parliament during the debate on the draft constitutional amendments.