12 July 2024

Over 100 police officers and three sniffer dogs raided five locations in Nonthaburi province this morning (Thursday), searching for members of the “Hong Zing” gang, who engaged in a shootout at a noodle shop in the province yesterday, in which three innocent people were injured, with one of whom is in a critical condition.

Police said that the 42-year-old victim, Manop, was shot in the head and is now on life support in hospital, adding that the victim is about to get married.

In the coordinated searches of the five locations, police did not find the gang members, but seized some ammunition and a shotgun.

Police have sought warrants for the arrests of at least 10 members of the “Hong Zing” gang and say that they have been ordered to crack down on the gang and bring all their members to justice, claiming that the shootout was outrageous and they are a threat to society.

Photo by manager.com